community, women, and biking

“Women who only ride with men often think they’re slow or unskilled when they’re average to above average for a women of their fitness level and experience. Here’s a typical reaction from a reader:
‘I also get a bit frustrated that I’m weaker than some men when I *know* that I bike more and try harder than they do. I’m car free, so I bike everywhere year round. And I still get to feel like I’m holding them back, and it SUCKS. Even when they’re being super nice about it.”

I was just reading an article about community on another blog: One Woman. Many Bicycles. and the above quote along with most of the article really struck a chord with me. I often feel like I’m riding too slow when I ride with men. But I mostly ride with men and didn’t realize this is often how women feel. I have spoken with my female friends and they have shared similar stories of being left in the dust as their male partner cruises easily ahead of them. Reading this makes me think maybe I need to reach out and connect with more women bikers and ride with them a bit. Also, I think the men in our lives should understand that we set a different pace but it doesn’t mean we are slow.

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One Response to community, women, and biking

  1. ladyfleur says:

    Thanks for the call-out on my blog post. I’m glad you could relate. The average man and woman have different levels of power they can put out on a bike, which translates to different speeds. But another thing I’ve noticed is that guys have a stronger desire to ride hard and often their female partners are looking for a casual cruise. Good luck finding some female friends to ride with. My friends and I call our after-work rides “cycle-theraphy.”

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