morning rides

It’s gotten a lot darker in the morning over the last few weeks. It makes my ride very different as I travel a path that at times runs through the woods. I’m noticing that my front light is not always sufficient. It’s possible I just need new batteries but maybe I just need a stronger light.
I’m enjoying the ride though. I think it’s a better way to start my day than riding the bus and drinking coffee. The ride wakes me up and gets me ready for my energetic students.
Today I’m not riding though. I’m going in a little late because there are no students and I’m feeling a little lazy today. I’d really rather stay in bed and snuggle…I guess it probably would have been better to ride today since I need to wake up but I’m going to be lazy 🙂 Maybe I’ll ride later today.


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wine tasting

I’ve been out of commission all week due to health issues. I worked but I couldn’t ride. Tonight I had a wine tasting benefit for The Twin Cities Women’s Choir at Stella’s in uptown. I tode my bike, met up with a friend and had a great night. We left Stella’s early to sit outside at Bar Louie with all the trendy young folk

Bar Louie’s


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first day of fall

I woke up early this morning. The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. A perfect morning for a ride. At first I had no destination and then I thought I’d just ride around the lakes but then I remembered the coffee shop in Hopkins that’s right off the trail. I looked it up and it was about 45 minutes from the house along the Greenway and then Cedar Lake Trail.




The Depot Coffee Shop is right off the trail. They have some pastries, a few wrapped sandwiches, an assortment of energy bars and gels, and bike stuff. Not a lot of bike stuff, more the kinds of things you might need mid-ride.


They also have a performance space.


Outside is nice although nothing spectacular. There’s noise from the factory and roads nearby but not too much. I sat for about an hour enjoying the day.

There were a ton of people in spandex out there today. I find it odd that so many people decide to gear up for a ride on the bike trail. My biking gear consists of bike shorts under a skirt with knee high or thigh high socks. I just got a new Icebreaker long sleeve for cooler rides which I tried out today. I love it! I want one with a hood but I’m only getting them when on sale.


Found this Patagonia shirt on my my size!


On the way home I had plans to stop at the Wedge but the wind picked up and I just wanted to get home.

17.11 miles total. Beautiful first day of fall. Only thing that would’ve made it better is if J. had been along.

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birthday celebrations

I had a super fabulous birthday yesterday all thanks to the love of my life! He planned the whole thing. It was a beautiful day even with the rain!


J. made a delicious tofu scramble for breakfast and then we loaded Cesc in his carrier and brought him for his annual check up at the vet. All is well with him. He’s nice and healthy!


Around 2 we headed out on the bikes to Steel Toe Brewery in St Louis Park. We met up with R. and K. there. The ride was nice and the beer was tasty! Dissent was back on tap.


After Steel Toe we headed to NE for a few more beers at Dangerous Man. J. and C. joined us here.

Tasted the Vanilla Porter, it was okay but I went with the Chocolate Milk Stout.

And I had some IPA.

For dinner we biked over to Gorkha Palace where E. joined us. The food, as usual, was great. If you have not been to Gorkha, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

Palaak Paneer

Aloo Bhindi

During dinner the rain picked up. When we came out it was coming down pretty hard so instead of riding home we got a ride with J. and C. and our bikes rode with R. and K.

Back at the house we played my new games I got for my birthday.


Seven Wonders

Settlers of Catan

We played until the wee hours of the morning and I’m exhausted today. It was truly a great birthday!

OH! I almost forgot! We also had Oreo Pie!! Yum!


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birthday gifts


A new bell for the bike.


Orange lights for the spokes.

I love my bike!!

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community, women, and biking

“Women who only ride with men often think they’re slow or unskilled when they’re average to above average for a women of their fitness level and experience. Here’s a typical reaction from a reader:
‘I also get a bit frustrated that I’m weaker than some men when I *know* that I bike more and try harder than they do. I’m car free, so I bike everywhere year round. And I still get to feel like I’m holding them back, and it SUCKS. Even when they’re being super nice about it.”

I was just reading an article about community on another blog: One Woman. Many Bicycles. and the above quote along with most of the article really struck a chord with me. I often feel like I’m riding too slow when I ride with men. But I mostly ride with men and didn’t realize this is often how women feel. I have spoken with my female friends and they have shared similar stories of being left in the dust as their male partner cruises easily ahead of them. Reading this makes me think maybe I need to reach out and connect with more women bikers and ride with them a bit. Also, I think the men in our lives should understand that we set a different pace but it doesn’t mean we are slow.

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weekend travels


Saturday morning I rode to Patisserie 46 to meet a friend for coffee and pastries. I’ve never been here before. The food was delicious and I plan to go back.


I got three different baked goods, ate one, and brought the other two home for J. I wish I had bought at least one of these sweet treats!


Here’s my bike outside of Patisserie 46 with her new tires 🙂 J. got for me last weekend. I’m loving them.

After breakfast I biked over to the new Blue Door to meet J., B. and the kids for lunch. I took 40th over because its a bike boulevard and I figured it would be more relaxing than 38th. Well, 40th might be the hilliest road in Minneapolis! When I got to Longfellow and saw the enormous hill in front of me I turned and went up to 38th instead. I’m not a fan of hills but I’ll do them…I just thought I was out for a relaxing morning ride, not a strenuous workout.


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